Kelham Hall – A fantastic venue for weddings and events

Our latest video edit for Kelham Hall & Country Park, using footage from our brilliant team of videographers. We can now offer drone footage as part of our packages.

The importance of promotional videos to driving web traffic

Did you know that attention spans for those visiting websites can be as little as ten seconds. One way to grab attention and encourage visitors to linger a little longer is to include a short video or animation on the home page.

Many people prefer to watch videos than view photos or text. Videos are generally more interesting and engaging. You can liken it to actually watching a movie rather than hearing about it from someone else.  Films allow site visitors to actually see what you have to offer.

Bazzoo like many website developers use videos to make websites  more interactive and interesting.   Videos can introduce a new product or service, or can be used to share opinions or reviews. This can generate a buzz around a campaign or product launch e.g apple iPhone X.

What’s more the film clip/video can convey much more about your business and its personality together with the range of services you offer. You can talk directly to potential clients.

In addition videos make visitors stay longer on a website, which reduces the bounce rate and encouraging browsing.

They are also a good way to project the core values of your business or organization.

Videos reaches visitors in a more personalized manner and let them get to know about the company.  They are  also more likely to find you website through search engines given that your website is 50% more likely to appear Google’s first page if you have a video than if you do not.

it is also interesting to note that 70% of UK households now use the Internet as an information source when looking online for information on products and services.

Web video is also helpful in explaining complex issues or giving visitors a snap shot of an event you running. We have used video widely for tourism and to demonstrate a new launch product

With video the possibilities are endless and it is increasingly popular on social media.

In addition a video can be used to boost traffic to your website if you follow a few simple steps

  • Everytime you post a video, accompany it by a keyword rich label.
  • Let your audience know what the video is about. Use keywords to describe it
  • Link your video posts to other pages on your website using motivating descriptors like top 3 tips to…
  • Use relevant keywords when you name your video.
  • Submit videos posted to your site map.
  • Share your site’s videos to video sharing and social networking i.e Vimeo,YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.


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Lobbying for Better Rail Services

Long standing members of Newark Business Club, Bazzoo have been using their advocacy skills to help press for improved rail services on the East Midlands Castle line.

Marketing consultancy is a key component of the agency’s services.

Working closely with Newark Business Club, Action Group and  rail transport specialist Bob Poynter (pictured below right with James Fountain), Bazzoo have helped put a response together to the DoT (Department of Transport) in respect to  East Midlands rail franchise. The 58-page document specifically identifies the need for faster journey times by rail from Newark to cities in the Midlands by improving the train service from Newark Castle.

The key objectives of the submission are to :

  • deliver economic, financial and social benefits across the East Midlands by improving connectivity,
  • contribute towards accelerating housing and job growth and the associated tax take,
  • drive a modal shift in journeys from road to rail,
  • make a significant contribution towards the Government’s objective to improve air quality especially in Derby and the four Air Quality Management Areas served by the Midland Main Line where there are dangers to human health.

The pro-bono assignment, has in the past included the setting up of a dedicated website aim at garnering support for better rail services between Newark, the cities of Nottingham and Lincoln and greater rail connectivity with the rest of Britain. An on-line petition was set up and key opinion formers were approached to add weight to the campaign which successfully improved investment and services on the line.

Phase 2 has been to influence the framework of services to be provided under the letting of a new franchise agreement and Scott Williams a graduate intern with Bazzoo has been working with Bob, to create a series of infographics designed to illustrate and explain some of the more complex tenets of the report which include:

  • Proposed Hour Train Service Standard Hour Pattern
  • Proposed Standard Off-Peak – Hour Service Pattern
  • Imbalance of Investment on rail investment (per head) – 2014/15



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Breaking The Mould With A New Website

Rototek, a world leader in rotational moulding of plastics has chosen UK based interactive agency, Bazzoo, to design and build a new website for the group. The responsive website showcases the world class design, product development services and innovative production processes that enable them to produce everything from sailing dinghy hulls to water containers.

Intuitive to navigate, the new website illustrates the rotomoulding process and Rototek’s manufacturing capabilities at their Nottinghamshire based production facilities in Newark and Worksop.


Product Design Engineer, Nino Brizzolara, said he and the team were very pleased with the website. 

The website gallery highlights the key business sectors that Rototek operate in which includes interiors, marine, medical, leisure, retail and industrial.

Google Webmaster Tools have been incorporated into the website which will enable the company to gauge where traffic to the website is coming from along with range of other social demographics and metrics that will enable further refinement of the key messages.

Primary SEO optimisation has been included to help search engines index the web pages appropriately and improve the website’s ranking in searches. Google Maps have been included to help customers visiting either of the two Nottinghamshire production facilities.

A WordPress platform has been used to provide a comprehensive and easy to edit CMS system. Text and images have been laid out with plenty of white space so that it is easy to read and easy on the eye. The content is informative and relevant to the key audiences identified in the original brief. Graphics and photographs and a slider have been used to help simplify complex topics and to aid navigation.

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Build Customer Loyalty and Better Brand Understanding Through Your Website

Are you continually disappointed with how bland some websites appear with little thought to user experience and how they might wish to navigate. Web platforms are continually developing and as such there are many features that you can add to your website to improve the user experience and to extend the length of time they spend on your site.

These enhancements  are not gimmicks, they genuinely improve the functionality and engagement of your website enabling visitors to understand more about your business and to engage with it.

We examine a few of these innovations:

Responsive design for mobile and tablet devices

A responsive website is a must as visitors to your website will be accessing it on a range of devices including mobile phones, tablets, laptops and PCs. With the differing screen sizes and resolutions, your website must be optimised so that visitors can view the content as intended, if not, you will disappoint visitors and your website will be marked down by search engines and appear lower down on the rankings.

Animated Pages

Using animations in a website is another option to consider as these can make not only make the website more engaging but it can be a helpful technique to get across complicated information or statistics. Animated infographics are increasingly being used to bring data to life. Animations can run automatically when the page loads or can be activated when the user scrolls through that section of the page.

Video for Web

Did you know that attention spans for those visiting websites can be as little as ten seconds. One way to grab attention and encourage visitors to linger a little longer is to include a short video or animation on the home page.

Research suggests that your website is over 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google if your website contains a video.

What’s more, the film clip/video can convey much more about your business and its personality together with the range of services you offer.

Alternatively, you can also include video as part of the header of your website.


The video mash-up below highlights some innovative web techniques from membership directories to designing your own beer label.

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