Bazzoo Promote Monster Corkscrew

Fry Group Monster Corkscrew Promoted By Bazzoo


The worlds most complex and exclusive corkscrew was launched by Bazzoo for clients One of One Ltd, five years ago in Monaco. Designed by Rob Higgs, maker of fine contraptions, the prototype The Corkscrew will come under the hammer at Christies ‘Out of the Ordinary sale’ in mid September.

Out of the Ordinary commemorates 250 years of Christie’s and, as the name suggests, is a celebration of the unusual, the unique, the extraordinary and the exceptional.

James Fountain, founder of Bazzoo said, “ ‘The Corkscrew’ is an ingenious mechanical sculpture comprising almost 300 ‘found’ objects which have been cast in bronze and assembled to create a priceless object trouvés. It is not just an amazing sculpture, but is quite simply a work of pure, mechanical genius”.

The Corkscrew has appeared on the One Show with Chris Evans, Gadget Man with Stephen Fry and was much admired by Bono at the launch party in Monaco.

Stephen Fry described the Corkscrew as ‘British eccentricity at its best’.  The film below demonstrates it in action with various celebrities.

Fry group

Cast in bronze, The Corkscrew sits on a wooden cabinet, and is best described as a hand cranked, gravity assisted cork remover and wine pouring contraption.

Limited editions of The Corkscrew have been sold to clients across the world and it has been widely exhibited.

It appeared at the now famous bi-annual sculpture exhibition at Doddington Hall, near Lincoln, which is currently running a show including work from national and international sculptors.

One of One promotes a number of leading Sculptors and offers and interesting range of unusual limited addition artworks.

Bazzoo specialises in the art market and has worked on promoting a broad range of exhibitions including events at Coughton Court, The Friary, Marks Hall, Newark Museum, National Civil War Centre and Doddington Hall. Services include curation, brochure design and print, film, display, web design and promotion.