Bazzoo Share Branding Expertise at Newark Business Club’s Skills Share Session

On 7th April 2017, Bazzoo were invited by the Newark Business Club to share their experiences on branding, marketing and publicity as part of a ‘Skills Share’ session. The session included specialists from various fields sharing their knowledge and expertise to other Newark Business Club members.

Bazzoo’s James Fountain outlined examples of work undertaken for a broad cross section of clients that had been successful in establishing their brands locally, nationally and internationally.

These included Laid With Love Free Range Eggs, a ‘challenger brand’ to The Happy Egg Company which has been successfully launched in Tesco, Booths and the Co-op supermarkets. By contrast, James discussed the development of a brand for a new start up business – Mr Handy, a professional handyman service, to be rolled out across the United Kingdom. Brand collateral developed for Mr Handy included web, print, digital, film and display.

Bazzoo’s Film & Video team were on hand to cover the event and to further promote the work of Newark Business Club, one of the leading business organisations in the East Midlands.

As part of the Skills Share session, Bazzoo provided colleagues with a ‘Top Ten Branding Tips’ summary.

Bazzoo’s Top Tips on Branding and Marketing

1. Understand your customers
Identify who they are and how they think. Which factors lead them to want or need your product or service?

2. Brand identity
It is vital that there is a brand identity as this is a key element of how your company is viewed by customers. Your brand identity should remain consistent to continually reinforce values. It will help customers make the decision to buy from you as opposed to your competitors.

3. Positioning
The way you ‘position’ yourself in the market will determine how customers think about your company in relation to your competitors – are you price lead or quality driven? Whatever your chosen path, this should be reflected in your marketing copy, images and materials.

4. Keep it simple
Keep names and strap-lines short, simple and consistent. Once chosen, use the company name and strap-line in every possible means of communication to ensure future recognition and brand association.

5. Involve all staff
Your greatest assets or your biggest weakness – how you involve your staff in branding will determine how much they can help reinforce that brand. Keep them in the loop, encourage involvement and ensure a united front for the business. A cohesive staff team will appear extremely professional and trustworthy to potential customers.

6. Develop a brand strategy
Careful management of a brand on an ongoing basis will ensure the brand remains strong, clear and unaffected by outside influences. Form a plan to maintain brand values and ensure any changes are made in line with brand values.

7. Brand guidelines
A simple set of guidelines will ensure that everyone (internally and externally) can apply your brand in a consistent manner. This is crucial to ensure your potential customers develop a familiarity with, and trust of your brand and also saves money.

8. Different media
Keep a close eye on the use of your brand guidelines across different media such as newspapers, radio, print, website, social media and email marketing. Size, colour and positioning of your logo is essential and the correct use of these should be ensured at all times. Logos and promotional materials may need to be reworked and/or resized to fit a specific medium.

9. Review
Make sure all occurrences of incorrect branding are tackled as they arise and the correct guidelines are understood for the future; nipping such problems in the bud early on will avoid long-term damage.

10. Seek help from the professionals
It can be tempting to enter into a spot of DIY branding but this is generally not a good idea and can be costly in terms of time and money to address at a later date. To get some solid direction and professional advice you should seek to employ a professional creative agency who have the experience and expertise to help establish the future brand security of your company.


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