Bazzoo Shortlisted In 3 Way Pitch for Hitachi International JV

Hitachi International Pitch

Bazzoo have pitched for an international brand assignment against agencies in Japan and  the USA. The brand activation brief, for a JV between Hitachi and Johnson Controls is to be rolled out in Europe, Asia and North America.

Our  extensive experience of developing brands and creating engaging systems and manuals for brand management roll-out, both in the UK and worldwide was the  key reason we were invited to pitch.   As interactive developers we work in both film and animation, and firmly believe that these mediums are a highly effective route to cascading brand guidelines for use across a multitude of platforms.

Bazzoo have successfully brought brand definitions to life and launched simple to use interactive guidelines for complex portfolios of products used by a broad range of stakeholders including partnership branding.

As part of the pitch Hitachi/Johnson Controls pitch, Creative Director, James Fountain and his brand team devised an international strategy to:

  1. Increase brand awareness and understanding
  2. Identify a compelling and relevant brand colour palette
  3. Create brand concepts which could be adapted across media channels (print, digital, mobile, video, etc.) and across geographic markets
  4. Produce scamps for a story board for a brand manifesto VIDEO

The  review team, described Bazzoo submission as “very impressive , well thought through with excellent creativity”.

Bazzoo have over 20 years substansive experience working within the HVAC sector and this was a further significant factor in the selection process.


Previously Bazzoo developed brand interpretation guidelines together with advertising, display and web materials for the UK based Hoval based company, Koolfuel,  and the Centre for Renewable Energy. Bazzoo also have substansive experience in FMCG, AgriBusiness and Retail.