Build Customer Loyalty and Better Brand Understanding Through Your Website

Are you continually disappointed with how bland some websites appear with little thought to user experience and how they might wish to navigate. Web platforms are continually developing and as such there are many features that you can add to your website to improve the user experience and to extend the length of time they spend on your site.

These enhancements  are not gimmicks, they genuinely improve the functionality and engagement of your website enabling visitors to understand more about your business and to engage with it.

We examine a few of these innovations:

Responsive design for mobile and tablet devices

A responsive website is a must as visitors to your website will be accessing it on a range of devices including mobile phones, tablets, laptops and PCs. With the differing screen sizes and resolutions, your website must be optimised so that visitors can view the content as intended, if not, you will disappoint visitors and your website will be marked down by search engines and appear lower down on the rankings.

Animated Pages

Using animations in a website is another option to consider as these can make not only make the website more engaging but it can be a helpful technique to get across complicated information or statistics. Animated infographics are increasingly being used to bring data to life. Animations can run automatically when the page loads or can be activated when the user scrolls through that section of the page.

Video for Web

Did you know that attention spans for those visiting websites can be as little as ten seconds. One way to grab attention and encourage visitors to linger a little longer is to include a short video or animation on the home page.

Research suggests that your website is over 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google if your website contains a video.

What’s more, the film clip/video can convey much more about your business and its personality together with the range of services you offer.

Alternatively, you can also include video as part of the header of your website.


The video mash-up below highlights some innovative web techniques from membership directories to designing your own beer label.

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