National Civil War Centre

We are working on some interesting marketing collateral for the National Civil War Centre in Newark. The Museum is the first in the UK telling the epic story of the struggle between King and Parliament. In addition to the centre is a Civil War Trail which features eight sites and covers under one mile which visitors can follow it in any order or just sample a few locations.

A unique feature of the trail is the use of augmented reality, which will transport users back 370 years in time to witness the drama of Newark’s desperate fight for survival during the British Civil Wars.

Surrounded by 16,000 troops, the Royalist town refused to surrender despite facing overwhelming odds. Now using this amazing app, users will be able to discover the plots, plague and heroism of the period through the eyes of those who took part using their smartphone or tablet. Meet the people who strove to defend or destroy Newark, hear the laments of a man whose family was bombed out by cannon fire and eavesdrop as King Charles’ quarrels fatefully with Prince Rupert.

Film Premiere

The Bazzoo team worked on the set for the world Premiere of Newark’s National Civil War Centre Trail where visitors to the event were given the red carpet treatment in a lavish unveiling of the film footage which will tell  Newark’s amazing Civil War history.


At the Premiere, invited guests had the opportunity to meet cast members together with Producer and Director. Film footage introduced John Americanus, Hercules Clay, Henrietta and Grace – the Servant Girl. A panel discussed  how the stories were chosen and filmed.  A champagne reception and canapes marked  the formal  launch of the augmented reality App and the Civil war Trail.