The importance of promotional videos to driving web traffic

Did you know that attention spans for those visiting websites can be as little as ten seconds. One way to grab attention and encourage visitors to linger a little longer is to include a short video or animation on the home page.

Many people prefer to watch videos than view photos or text. Videos are generally more interesting and engaging. You can liken it to actually watching a movie rather than hearing about it from someone else.  Films allow site visitors to actually see what you have to offer.

Bazzoo like many website developers use videos to make websites  more interactive and interesting.   Videos can introduce a new product or service, or can be used to share opinions or reviews. This can generate a buzz around a campaign or product launch e.g apple iPhone X.

What’s more the film clip/video can convey much more about your business and its personality together with the range of services you offer. You can talk directly to potential clients.

In addition videos make visitors stay longer on a website, which reduces the bounce rate and encouraging browsing.

They are also a good way to project the core values of your business or organization.

Videos reaches visitors in a more personalized manner and let them get to know about the company.  They are  also more likely to find you website through search engines given that your website is 50% more likely to appear Google’s first page if you have a video than if you do not.

it is also interesting to note that 70% of UK households now use the Internet as an information source when looking online for information on products and services.

Web video is also helpful in explaining complex issues or giving visitors a snap shot of an event you running. We have used video widely for tourism and to demonstrate a new launch product

With video the possibilities are endless and it is increasingly popular on social media.

In addition a video can be used to boost traffic to your website if you follow a few simple steps

  • Everytime you post a video, accompany it by a keyword rich label.
  • Let your audience know what the video is about. Use keywords to describe it
  • Link your video posts to other pages on your website using motivating descriptors like top 3 tips to…
  • Use relevant keywords when you name your video.
  • Submit videos posted to your site map.
  • Share your site’s videos to video sharing and social networking i.e Vimeo,YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.


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